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morning glory seeds for sale | The seeds of the Morning Glory flower contain the naturally occurring tryptamine Lysergic Acid Amide (LSA) which is closely related to LSD. The LSA in Morning Glory

induces strong psychedelic effects that can range from quiet and introspective to spectacularly trippy. Be aware that consuming Morning Glory seeds can’t just make for a powerful mind-altering trip. The seeds normally cause nausea and other undesired physical effects so it’s recommended that you eat them on an empty stomach.


The Morning Glory seeds can induce powerful trips but the experience will most-often be preceded by some type of nausea. This is why it can be best to consume the seeds on a relatively empty stomach. Don’t eat anything or just very little about 4-6 hours before you take the seeds. The Morning Glory trip can be very powerful and long-lasting, up to 10 hours depending on your dosage.


A light dosage of Morning Glory is anywhere from 1.5-3 grams, which is about 50-100 seeds. A medium-strength dosage is 3-6 grams or 100-250 Morning Glory seeds. For a strong dose, take up to 400 seeds which would be 10 grams respective.

While some psychonauts eat Morning Glory seeds right out of the bag, others grind the seeds first and have them soak in water for about half an hour. Afterwards, you can put the mix through a filter and drink it.

Some say that the negative effect of consuming Morning Glory can be reduced by keeping the seeds in water for 3-4 days while removing the white substance that will form and changing the water frequently.


– The Morning Glory trip can be very strong and long-lasting, so plan ahead when you take them. The trip can easily last up to 10 hours.
– Do not drive or operate machinery
– if you suffer from depression, anxiety or similar psychological problems do not take.
– Don’t take LSA together with alcohol or MAO inhibitors.

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  1. kings

    First time users of psychedelics should not take more than 3. Experienced psychonaughts I recommend 5 to test the batch.

    There are plenty of extraction methods of LSA from these little beauties. But. If you want the true HBW experience just chew them and leave the pulp under your tongue for 5-10 minutes. They taste like shit and you will feel nauseous. But if you want the full effects just suck it up Princess and deal with it.

    You will be rewarded for your efforts. South American Shamans believe that being sick is part of the healing process to cleanse the body. I usually go for a walk about an hour after taking them. Walking and sipping on a bottle of water helps me deal with the sickness.

    It takes about 2 hours for the first effects to start. They grow very slowly. So, DO NOT after 3 hours think, ” this is mild, I need more”. The full effects are maybe 5 or 6 hours after first taking them.

    Once you understand them then next time increase the dose. My first time I took 5. I felt philosophical, excited with life, completely in control of my body and totally grounded. So, the next day, I had 5 for breakfast then coffee, shower, cigarette etc, and went for a walk into the woods. On my way there I took 10 more (so, 15 in total). As the LSA started to kick in the philosophical grounded feelings once again and I remember thinking, “this is like LSD but less intense”. But the they got stronger, and stronger, and stronger… Do not underestimate these little seeds! I had a beautiful trip. But, I wasn’t expecting a full LSD style trip. Alone in the woods was far too intense for me. I tried to work Google Maps to find my way home but my distortion of reality was overwhelming. Eventually, I found home and enjoyed another 6 hours of tripping.

    Stay safe.
    Chew then keep under the tongue.
    But most of all… start small then build up.
    They truly are a wonderful experience if treated with respect ðŸâ€˜Š’

  2. Timothy

    Question for the psyhonauts that chew this babies and keep them under the tongue for 10 mins. Giving the fact that in this time you gain lots of saliva in your mouth.. do you spit the seeds out after the 10 mins or you ingest them?

  3. Runtz

    Powerful stuff- beginners beware. I would not recommend going above 3 seeds for the first time, maybe even 2 depending on the personal sensitivity. And BE PATIENT- the onset can be reeeally long sometimes. Eat as many as you have planned and DO NOT REDOSE. Predosing lemon oil can help with nausea, but to avoid it totally is impossible I think. All in all, great seeds, great delivery and great price. Recommend

  4. Vlad

    Ordered 100 Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds and was very happy to find them discretely packaged and in my mailbox after only a couple of days. I have bought these seeds from all over the internet and the ones here at Avalon are of the very highest quality. Go easy with these bad boys, they are potent but very, very enjoyable. Treat these seeds with the same respect you would Mike Tyson if you bumped into him on the street.

  5. Marc T

    I’ve had these multiple times. They are great fun.. The bit that makes you ill is the lighter coloured outer coating, I scratch this off with my nails, it takes a while as I’m thorough. But they don’t make me feel sick at all after.

  6. Van

    I had a huge dosage at 13 seeds. I do not recommend for beginners such a high dose. But i had a very intense trip. It was very enjoyable and really changed things. Tho a lot of people experience nausea (especially in higher doses) I felt none. Would definitely recommend.

  7. Tandex

    These require hard work to unlock their potential. There is very little danger of abuse, taking them recklessly without preparation will punish you hard. In my experience it is good to have the mindset of undergoing the 2-3 hours of nausea and discomfort as a payment for the knowledge you intend to get from the session. With serious doses of 10-20 seeds the drain on the organism is such that without stimulants I get only overall system reset / cleanup but not much real insight. To use the substance for learning and deep thinking for me it is necessary to supplement with 200 mg pure caffeine or modafinil. I would recommend this as a psychedelic of choice for people in creative or leadership professions. Even with very tight schedule, doing a session once in a while makes you more productive if used correctly.


    really cheap compared to other sites, where i would only get 20 seeds for the same price. nothing to complain about, the seeds work just as expected i really like the high. 4 seeds are enough for decent effects and there was no nausea noted, even without extraction. just chew and swallow.

  9. Benjamin

    Not for the faint hearted. A dreamy cerebral experience. Arrived quickly, well package. Very happy.

  10. Melvin C

    Don’t underestimate the seeds. They have a huge power and you shouldn’t take to much for the first time. I prefer the usage with cold water

  11. A. Reilly

    Once a gain, dreat quakity and service with a little surprise of syrian rue extract 1g 10:1. I chewed 7 seedsand it was very powerful and if you don´t fast properly they really clean you out. I have akso done the cold water extraction, it´s easier on the body but much milder so more seeds are required. This is sacred medicine and should be used as such. I am feeling so relaxed and calm 3 days after my chewed 7 and I know this plant is healing me and helping me conquer my opioid addiction. Thanks Avalon. Next up is the hm and rue combo Ayahasca.for some deep healing.

  12. John J

    Took 5 for the first time, grinded and soaked in lemon and water. Started to feel mental load after 2 hours.


    Have to confirm Marvin’s review. One of the best prices here for HBWR compared to other online smartshops, where you can easily pay 10 times as much for the same amount of seeds.
    I would also recommend to use the cold water extraction (CWE). Just let the finely grinded seed soak for around 12h with fresh peppermint and lemon juice. Frankly, the chemistry behind this is debated but it works for me by reducing nausea while enhancing the high.

  14. K. Nichols

    Easily the best value for money here for HBWR compared to other online shops.
    It’s very recommendable to use the cold water extraction method. Clean the seeds, finely grind them and let the powder soak in water in the fridge for half a day with fresh peppermint and lemon juice. Latter is intended to create LSH. The chemistry behind this is debated but it works for me by at least reducing nausea while enhancing the high.

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